According to Jordan’s King Abdullah II, the kingdom’s anti-COVID-19 defence statute would be disabled in the next months due to a decline in the epidemic.

Xinhua news agency reported a statement published by the royal palace as stating that the King made the declaration in an address honouring the kingdom’s 76th Independence Day.

Jordan’s new defence law, which came into effect in September 2020, restricts travel, social gatherings, and business operations within the country.

According to the King’s speech, Jordan will provide a comprehensive economic plan for the coming years.

It was announced that the government will complete its public sector development plan by the end of May in order to improve public services, reduce bureaucratic procedures and increase the productivity of the workforce while also advancing an e-government initiative.

A total of 1,694,216 COVID-19 cases and 14,048 fatalities had been registered in Jordan as of Thursday, according to the country’s Health Ministry.

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