In Yamaguchi, a town located in West Japan, the local government erringly paid 46.3 million yen (approximately $343,800) to a household as a part of Corona subsidies. After realizing the mistake, the government has recovered the payment in totality after it secured the outstanding 3.4 million yen ($25,000).

The Municipal government in the town had already got back a total of 43 million yen ($319,000) from three different online payments. However by securing the outstanding 3.4 million yen, the total amount of the entire mishap has been repossessed. 

This error happened under the scheme of the Japanese government to go ahead and distribute 100,000 yen (roughly $740) as handouts to LIG’s (Low income groups) which would be exempt from paying residential taxes so that they could support families during the course of the pandemic. 

As of the end of March, the local administration had made arrangements with a bank to wire 100,000 yen to the accounts of 463 families who had applied for said subsidy at the end of March. Later, a town employee requested in writing to the bank that the 46.3 million yen be transferred. As a result, they overpaid the whole group since the top beneficiary was incorrectly designated as the group spokesperson.

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