Over a 24-hour period beginning at 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 31, Jamaica alone had 368 new COVID-19 cases. On Saturday, a further COVID-19 fatality was recorded, thus bringing the overall COVID related death tally in Jamaica to 3,074. The most recent COVID fatality in Jamaica was a 45-year-old man from Kingston and St Andrew.

A COVID-19 patient’s death is being investigated by healthcare officials.

The recovery on Saturday was 151, bringing the total to 87,738. Courtesy of new COVID-19 cases on the island, the total currently stands at 138,742. Notably, based on samples taken on Saturday, the island had a 33% positivity rate.

The most recent identified cases are 226 women and 142 males, with ages ranging from 44 days to 91 years.

The number of cases was as follows: 

Kingston and St Andrew – 114;

Saint Catherine – 80;

St James – 69;

Saint Mary –  22;

Elizabeth, and Westmoreland – 13 each;

Manchester – 11;

Clarendon – 10;

Trelawny – 9;

Portland – 7;

St Ann – 5;

Hanover – 4;

Among 3,023 active cases, 34 patients are moderately ill, five are severely ill, and three are critically ill and are a cause for worry. Hospitalization of COVID-19 patients has now begun locally. There are currently 114 COVID-19 persons hospitalized in Jamaica.

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