Israel has initiated a plan worth $30 million USD for the setting up of Research and Development infrastructure in different hospitals for innovation on health tech. The Israeli Minister of Health revealed this latest development in a statement yesterday. 

This plan, worth 100 million shekel that was launched on Monday is spearheaded by the Health Ministry, The Innovation Authority of Israel, as well as the Israel Initiative. This plan will witness cooperation between research, industry and hospitals. 

The Health Ministry stated that this plan will encourage tie-ups with different industry segments which will be based on using health data to further R&D projects, with a view to better services in the field of public health along with helping high tech startup companies to accelerate their growth. 

This plan has 19 projects, all of them being R&D ones. Five of these projects are in setting up digital infrastructure for the purpose of clinical trials in leading hospitals of the country. 

The other projects will focus on the accessibility of R&D to data regarding health in other hospitals for the purpose of developments in gene sequencing, pathology, endoscopy and midwifery among others. 

Another of these projects will have as its focus smart hospitalizations both at home and in the ward. 

This ambitious program will expectedly expand the quality and scope of tie-up between hi-tech companies and hospitals, at the same time adapting to the changing needs for R&D innovation.  

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