The necessity for COVID-19 testing at the Ben Gurion Airport was lifted on Saturday, more than two years after the epidemic began, as Israel continues to ease restrictions on the general population as the disease’s spread slows.

Negative test results will no longer be necessary before boarding an aircraft to Israel for Israelis and non-Israelis alike.

According to the Health Ministry, the restrictions have been modified due to a decrease in COVID-19 morbidity and will now apply to all land and marine crossings.

Before forty eight  hours of flying, passengers must still fill health declaration forms.

Until recently, anybody who landed in Ben Gurion Airport would have to pay for a test that they had to take themselves. A quarantine period of 24 hours, or until the findings of the testing were made available, would be implemented following the testing of new arrivals.

On most international flights, face masks would no longer be required starting Monday. Depending on some other international restrictions, face masks may still be required for flights to specific places.

Face masks were no longer required in most indoor areas in Israel in April.

 Prof. Michael Edelstein, a leading epidemiologist, warned against being complacent. He says new variations and increases in morbidity might yet develop in Israel, which is currently experiencing a peaceful time and is “in a stable state.”

As of Friday, there were 16,160 confirmed instances of COVID across the country, with 89 of those patients in critical condition. For the very first time in months, the number of severe COVID episodes in Israel fell below 100 this week.

The total number of people who have died as a result of the epidemic is 10,827.

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