The first COVID-19 vaccination-related death was reported in Ireland.

by the close of 2017, the demise from vaccine was labeled as “adverse effects in therapeutic use” by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

As part of the CSO’s deaths data, the demise was registered in the last quarter of 2021 in the age range of 75 to 84 years.

The causes of demise listed on doctors’ death certificates are used to calculate this information.

A Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) spokesperson revealed to the Sunday World that it does not remark on personal matters.

According to the spokesperson, however, over 8 million COVID-19 vaccines had been given in Ireland as of now.

‘It’s plausible that fatalities caused by the disease or natural causes might occur, but this did not imply that the vaccination was to blame,’ she added.

‘In most situations, the development of several pre-existing illnesses is a reasonable inference. All deaths reported to the HPRA are reviewed.’

Up to May 10, the CDC’s suspected adverse reaction reporting system has recorded a total of 113 deaths in people who had been vaccinated.

However, the spokesperson stressed that the bulk of those cited were above the age of 75 and died as a result of natural causes and the worsening of underlying disease.

She stated that the safety committee of the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) closely scrutinized the safeness of Covid-19 vaccines.

‘A vaccine’s safeness can’t be resolved on the basis of a single case, as a broad rule,’ she added.

‘The whole pool of data from all sources, including literature, epidemiological, and clinical research is evaluated to guarantee that findings are based on proof.’

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