The Monkeypox virus has caused alarm in Iraq. In a country where t is a common sight to see pet monkeys, the government has forbidden monkeys entry into all of its cities in a bid to stop the Monkeypox virus. The cities of Mosul and Zikar had in the past banned monkeys from entering, there was a special committee set up a few days ago in Basra to halt the spread of this virus. 

The Veterinary Hospital of Zikar released a statement where it forbid the entry of animals, especially monkeys into the city as well as in neighboring countries of Iraq. This was in line with the framework of measures adopted to halt the spread of Monkeypox. People feeding monkeys were cautioned and directed to get their pets checked at veterinary clinics. 

A special committee has been set up in the city of Basra to tackle the Monkeypox. Riyaz Muhammad, the Director of the Veterinary Hospital of Basra said in a statement that this special committee will conduct in the animal markets of the country, especially in the case of monkeys. 

The Health Directorate (Provincial) of Mosul set the tone for the coming days where it specifically banned the entry of monkeys into the city. Till date, there have not been any recorded instances of Monkeypox in Iraq, but it is early days yet.

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