Iran becomes the first country to commercially produce Cuban Covid-19 vaccinations with the launch of the new PastoCorona vaccine bulk manufacturing center, according to the Finlay Vaccine Institute on Twitter.

Eduardo Martnez, head of BioCubaFarma’s Organization for Senior Business Management (OSDE), said the vaccine plant’s opening in Iran “centralizes the scientific partnership and global insertion of BioCubaFarma enterprises.”

The transfer of the Cuban Soberana 02 vaccine tech to the Pasteur Institute, a scientific accomplishment of the Finlay Vaccine Institute, enabled this vital step. Soberana 02 is the world’s first combined vaccination against Covid-19, as per scientists. PastuCovac will be the brand name for the Soberana 02 created at the Pasteur Institute.

According to a report by the Finlay Vaccine Institute, the opening of the PastoCorona factory took place during the 18th meeting of the Cuba-Iran Intergovernmental Commission, which is now taking place in Tehran and addresses problems related to boosting bilateral collaboration.

Iran will be the first country to produce a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Cuba. As a result of the technical assistance from Soberana 02, an anti-COVID-19 vaccine production unit named PastoCorona was inaugurated in Iran.

On Sunday, May 15, Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas and Iranian Minister Of health Bahram Ainollahi, as well as Mayda Mauri, the very first vice-president of the Cuban corporation BioCubaFarma, joined the inaugural ceremony for the new location.

Early talks with Iran for the diffusion of knowledge for Cuban vaccine candidates stretch back to early 2021 when Cuba reported the adoption of a document with these goals.

Iran opened the facility after giving its populace 149 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccination. At the same time, according to revised reports from Our World in Statistics, 69 out of every 100 people had been properly immunized.

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