As Iran’s health minister explained to World Health Organization Secretary-General Tedros Adhanom, the country was able to manage the Covid epidemic due to the tireless efforts of its healthcare workers and widespread public support.

On the margins of the 75th global conference on health in the city of Geneva, Adhanom spoke with Bahram Einollahi. Covid has been responsible for less than ten deaths every day in Iran over the previous two weeks, according to him.

About 75% of the Iranian population has been immunised with 150 million Covid vaccine doses according to this official.

Iranians hastened to support their country’s healthcare system despite the draconian US sanctions on Iran, Einollahi said, and the Islamic Republic was able to take over Covid. As a follow-up, the minister of health blasted foreign agencies for their disregard for the health conditions in various regions of the world.

According to Einollahi, the humanitarian situation in some combat zones throughout the world is terrible, and as a result, all international organizations must do their part to assist the people living in those areas.

Adhanom was also congratulated by Einollahi on being re-elected as the head of the WHO.

On Tuesday, Iran’s health ministry provided a tally that revealed that Covid had slain seven individuals in the country during the previous 24 hours. In addition, authorities recorded 268 additional cases. During its peak many months ago, Covid killed 800 people in the country while infecting thousands and thousands with every passing day.

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