According to Iran’s Minister of Health, Bahram Einollahi, Iran has already dispatched its first batch of COVID-19 vaccinations to Venezuela. During a news conference in Ardebil, the capital of Ardebil Province, northern Iran, on Saturday, the minister announced the news.

To date, he added, his government now has 4 million dosages of COVID-19 vaccines that it can export.

As Einollahi pointed out, the first shipment of 100,000 doses of vaccinations has already been sent to Venezuela, and the country’s health minister has requested that more vaccines be let into the Latin American country.

It is a tremendous pleasure for Iran to be able to export COVID-19 vaccinations, the Health Minister of Iran said, adding that this proves that the Islamic Republic acts forcefully in all areas.

Other viral infections can also be vaccinated against in Iran, according to Einollahi.

Also, the country’s efforts to limit the coronavirus were lauded by the president, who noted that the number of daily deaths caused by the respiratory disease had fallen to a low of ten for some time.

No monkey-pox cases have been found in Iran, however, according to the country’s Minister of Health.

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