Ali Chegeni, the Iranian envoy to India, on the borderline of a joint discussion on health and signing of memorandums, took some time out for an interview. “When it comes to the health and pharmaceutical industries, we’ve been working together since ancient times, when we shared ideas and research about traditional treatment.  In an interview with the Financial Express Online, he added that two key MoU’s on collaboration within the health sector are expected to be signed in the next few weeks.

In one of the documents, researchers from two nations discuss traditional medicine collaboration, whilst in the other document, authorities from the drug standard and other key regulatory agencies from both countries discuss normal medicine cooperation. Non-tariff obstacles in the pharmaceutical trade will be removed as a result of this.

For its part, Iran’s envoy made it clear that the country was and remains a leader in combatting drug trafficking in Western and Southwest Asia.

“Even though Iranian sacrifices and large expenditures have been allocated to the battle against foreign smugglers, Iran is sadly one of the primary victims of this vile and illegal enterprise.

Iran’s contributions and sacrifices in combating narco-trafficking are overlooked by some media, who instead spread inaccurate stories and unfounded accusations.

As for nationality and boundaries in drug trafficking, the smugglers can utilize whatever region and route they want.

As a result, and in recognition of the fact that drug trafficking is a worldwide issue requiring joint and collaborative efforts, true cooperation and honest engagement between all forces in the area are required to fight this phenomena.”

The traffickers have no regard for the human race, their victims’ countries, or even the laws of their own countries, said the Iranian envoy. 

Both India and Iran’s anti-narcotics police forces have made great sacrifices. It is hoped that this discourse and collaboration will serve as a firm foundation for further regional dialogue and cooperation in the near future.

The recent meetings between India and Iran have been quite beneficial. When it comes to the big concerns, all sides are in agreement, and the fight against drugs will see more constant and solidified collaboration soon.

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