At Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Health and Medical Industry’s Center for Child Health Improvement, parents were given tips on how to prepare their children for the summer holidays.

Parents who bring their children to the Center for Child Health Improvement on vacation must not only provide for their basic requirements, but also explain the standards of conduct both indoors and outdoors – at sea, on a hike, or in an amusement park.

It’s vital to remind individuals about personal and public hygiene regulations. It’s important to shower after swimming, wash fruits and berries, and drink bottled water.

Wearing a hat, wearing light clothing, and avoiding prolonged sun exposure should all be explained to the child.

Parents should also teach their children not to touch strange plants and insects.

Every centre has security and medical staff, as well as food quality control, bedside table inspections, and instructors who keep the place clean. It is critical for the child to be able to express his or her concerns or diseases, ask questions, and seek care as soon as possible.

Teach your child what to do in an emergency and who to call.

The Center for Child Health Improvement’s core objectives are communication, pleasure, and progress. Children are encouraged to expand their horizons and employ their imaginations. Teachers at the facility also teach children how to be self-sufficient in circumstances such as washing personal linens, folding clothes, and carefully storing soap and toothpaste. The youngster also learns how to sleep, wake up, and maintain control of his state.

The Center for Child Health Improvement provides a wonderful opportunity for a child to socialise, learn, rest, recuperate, and progress during his or her stay. According to the “Neutral Turkmenistan” daily, the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry’s Information Center recommends that you begin preparing your child and yourself for a vacation at the health centre as early as possible.

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