The modular production pieces manufactured by the German business and destined to be combined into, what would be known as “BioNTainers” in Africa, are expected to be delivered to the building site in Kigali by the end of the year 2022.

 BioNTech, a company that manufactures vaccines for Covid-19, said that building of a factory for producing mRNA vaccines in Rwanda will begin on 23rd June, with the goal of assisting African countries in launching their own production networks.

According to a statement released by the biotechnology company on Thursday, the foundation laying event will take place in Kigali, the country’s capital city. Paul Kagame,the president of Rwanda, other African nation leaders, and officials from the World Health Organization and European Union are scheduled to attend the event.

According to the statement, the modular factory pieces manufactured by the German manufacturing company and to be combined into BioNTainers in Africa will be transported to the building site in Kigali before 2022 ends.

The COVID-19 injection which the company has developed with Pfizer, the US pharmaceutical corporation is the most extensively used vaccine in the western world. The company has drawn out a strategy to allow African nations to make its Covid shots with Comirnaty-brand under the supervision of BioNTech.

The corporation explained saying that the first vaccine factory will be set up in a shipping container with pre-furbished kits assembled as per requirements. It would, in course of the following several years, become a part and parcel of a bigger supply network that will cover many African countries, including South Africa and Senegal.

After considerable criticism, a delay in the delivery of doses of a coronavirus vaccine developed in the West has finally reached Africa. This coincides with the push for the project.

Misinformation, difficulties in logistics, and a lack of a feeling of urgency on the part of the public are among the many issues that have contributed to the low adoption in Africa. But other variables also play a role.

According to BioNTech’s statements, the BioNTainers have the potential to produce mRNA vaccines for diseases such as malaria and TB. However, this will depend on how far product development gets and what the priorities of the future are for Public health.

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