The Nicaraguan Department of Health (MINSA) consistently delivers multiple kinds of vaccinations to people’s homes, including one that guards against the coronavirus.

A vaccination group visited the Javier Cuadra area in district II, where they visited households with the goal of completing their projects and capturing persons who have not yet been immunized for different reasons.

Daniela Cruz is a member of the Javier Cuadra area. She has two children and three people in her house, all of whom have been immunized, and she finished the MINSA 2022 plan on this trip.

long-term care

“It’s a neighborhood with 987 homes and the same number of parents,” said Dr. Freddy Suarez of the Institute of Healthcare Socrates Flores. “We’ll go door-to-door to ensure the vaccination, guaranteeing that the community has optimal immunization coverage against COVID.”

He remembered that this method is what prevents individuals from becoming ill and complicating their lives as a result of the virus’s spread.

He added that the battalions visit neighborhoods and country regions on a daily basis in order to adhere to the residence visit plan. Vaccination posts stay in place in the health departments, and care is provided from Monday through Sunday.

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