The WHO Tanzania Country Office team held its inaugural Walk the Talk event on Saturday to motivate people of all ages & capabilities to get moving for improved health. 

Organizers of this colourful activity, which took place in person, included the WHO Country Office Personnel Association and Acting Country Representative Zabulon Yoti. Participants ran a 5 km course from the Country Office premises to the Tanzanite Bridge. Warm-up/stretch & blood pressure check activities were conducted as part of the program.

“Today, we restate our resolve to take the actions necessary to guarantee that the people of Tanzania experience greater health and well-being,” Dr. Yoti remarked during the colourful ceremony. 

“We pledge to promote health, keep the globe safe, and help those who are most vulnerable. We can only do that if we are in good bodily and emotional health. Because a team that plays together, delivers together, and this stroll is also an essential part of team building and bonding.”

The Walk the Talk event is taking place to assist regional and international measures to encourage the #HealthForAll campaign, which was launched in 2019 to encourage people to live healthier lives and contribute to a healthier world. It is a global initiative aimed at promoting the health and well-being of people all over the globe.

“Today, we encourage everyone – people of any age and abilities – to engage in physical activity since every movement counts. Being physically active is beneficial to our hearts, bodies, and minds. Dr. Yoti said, “We want to host such activities regularly with our health partners as well as the general public to embrace health and Walk the Talk.”

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