In Switzerland, there have been 2 confirmed cases of monkeypox viral infection. In the second instance, a Geneva resident had been exposed abroad. The infected individual is currently isolated, his overall health is good and therefore does not presently require hospitalization.

The authorities have stated that contact tracing is being done to identify those who’ve been in close contact with the infected person. This is the 2nd confirmed instance of monkeypox in Switzerland. The first was discovered in Bern on Saturday. This patient has also contracted the virus while travelling abroad.

Monkeypox is a viral infection that is similar to but not as serious as human smallpox. It was discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1970s. It previously existed only in parts of Western and Central Africa. Over the last decade, the number of incidents in Western Africa has increased.

Authorities in 19 European countries have been examining 237 suspicious and proven cases since early May. The vast majority of infections were minor, with many, not all, taking place among men who had sex with other men. A distinctive bumpy rash and fever are among the symptoms.

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization, based in Geneva, declared the outbreak to be under control, as many governments announced limited vaccination campaigns to battle rising infections.

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