A new strain of the Covid-19 Omicron virus has now been identified in Malta, according to an announcement made by the Minister for Health, Chris Fearne. Fearne reported that there was a rise in the number of instances as a result of the Omikron XE variation, although the individual who had been affected by monkeypox did recover.

Malta has Omicron XE, a mutated form of the Covid-19 virus, and it has been discovered recently. There has been a rise in the community transmission of the illness as a result of the new variation, Health Secretary Chris Fearne said. However, despite the fact that it is more infectious, it does not show more serious symptoms of severe complications.

In January, Omicron XE was discovered for the first time in the UK. In addition, Minister Fearne revealed that there are presently no instances of monkeypox in Malta and that the patient who was diagnosed with the illness 15 days ago is now well again.

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