In two to three months, booster injections for children aged five to eleven will be available across the country. This comes after the US Food and Drug Administration gave Pfizer’s paediatric vaccines for children in this age group emergency approval.

There are around 83,200 children aged five to eleven years old, according to the health ministry. The Pfizer paediatric immunisation has been received by more than 97 percent of children in this age range.

The first dose was administered in March, and the second dose was administered a month later in April.

According to Sangay Phuntsho, the health ministry’s Senior Programme Officer, the third dose, or booster shots, will be given in August or September.

“The Ministry of Health will discuss this advice with national professionals,” he said. “We have a national immunisation technical advisory team that will look into such proposals as well.”

These vaccines, according to research, caused a robust immunological response in children. The immunizations are also being sought by the ministry.

“We’re looking into it with the support of the Gavi COVAX facility, who have agreed to supply 33,600 Pfizer paediatric pills that we can use as a booster,” Sangay Phuntsho stated.

“We’re also looking for additional help from COVAX and bilateral development partners,” he said, adding that “a number of countries have already expressed interest in sending paediatric Pfizer vaccine to Bhutan.”

While the US Food and Drug Administration has suggested at least five months, he stated that other countries’ decisions will also be taken into account. After the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group has granted its approval, the final decision will be made.

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