On the floor, the number of hospitalised patients has been reduced to two.

According to the Minister Spokesperson, the number of new covid infections has dropped again in the last week due to a decrease in diagnostic tests as a result of the elimination of isolation for people who do not have symptoms of the infection. Since last Wednesday, 157 positives have been discovered, reducing the total number of active cases to 261, 68 fewer than the previous week.

The hospital situation improves further, with two COVID patients admitted, three fewer than in the previous update. Jover stated that all of the patients are in floor rooms and that the ICU has been infection-free for two weeks.

The ministerial council has decided to extend for another week the pandemic-related restrictions, which are already “almost completely relaxed,” according to the minister. Eric Jover emphasised that the decrease in positives does not indicate a significant decrease in the virus’s presence in the country, and he advised “caution” because the virus is still in circulation.

In order to prevent infection, the government updated vaccination data today. Salut has given out 157,480 vaccines, with 58,135 getting their first dose, 57,497 getting their second dose, and 41,848 getting three punctures.

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