To ensure the safety of patients, the Ghana Association of Radiologists (GAR) is warning hospitals and medical imaging centers across the country to only hire Ghana Medical and Dental Council licensed Consultant Radiologists. 

The Association is also calling on patients to insist on knowing the identity and certification of the radiologist that does their medical images for their own safety. 

This information was part of a joint statement signed by Dr Ijeoma Ayitey-kokor, Secretary General of GAR and Dr Augustina Badu-Peprah, GAR Greater Accra Regional President. A copy of the statement was sent to Accra’s News Agency. 

The joint statement came after the Association’s virtual 10th Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference. 

Part of the statement read, “The Association has been notified that some hospitals and diagnostic centers in Ghana hire foreigners to report on MRI and CT scan as well as other radiological images.”

According to the statement, the majority of those that report the images lack the compulsory certificates required by the Council. Also, the training, competence level, and identities of such individuals are usually not properly known. 

“This, it is getting harder to ensure accountability and prosecution of culprits when patients are given inaccurate reports that affects their care adversely.”

Radiological reports are vital to every patient’s care and false reports can result in wrong ailment management, inappropriate surgeries, or worse. 

The statement asks the public to call on the Medical and Dental Council of Ghana if they have worries. 

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