There are currently over 6.4 million immunized persons in Hungary. Out of this number, 6,197,968 got the second jab and a further 3,881,399 got the third jab. When it comes to the fourth jab, only 302,559 persons took it. 

According to Gábor Kemenesei who is a Junior Prima prize winner and adjunct University of Pécs’ Faculty of Natural Science professor, increased taking of the third jab is crucial. 

The Omicron variant is currently the prevalent strain. At the moment, achieving herd immunity is vital according to Kemenesei is of the opinion that persons above 60 years should get the fourth vaccine, particularly those above 80 years as well as immunocompromised people. 

The vaccine coverage in Hungary stands at around 65%. Kemenesei believes this is low and leaves the majority of the citizens vulnerable. 

A summer spike may happen. The crucial question is whether it will lead to a rise in ICU admissions and more mortalities. 

Nearing monkeypox epidemic

Rodents are the carriers of the virus. When these carriers touch humans, they transfer the virus to them. Eventually, the virus can move from one person to another when they are in close contact. Nevertheless, virologists have years of data from the virus which can be advantageous.

Monkeypox doesn’t transmit through respiratory droplets so masking will not stop the spread. Diagnosis of the virus is through the collection of a rash smear. Thankfully, the smallpox vaccine also works against monkeypox according to 

Kemenesei revealed that they are monitoring other families of viruses that have the potential to cause epidemics. 

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