According to a top health expert quoted by the Hebrew-language Ynet website, Israel’s June decision to scrap its mask mandate was a huge error.

Virus morbidity has increased, as evidenced by a R rate in Israel of 1.19.

You should wear a face mask while using public transportation, according to Prof. Yehuda Adler, cardiologist at the Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

On Wednesday, he said it was more of a populist move than a medical one.

“When Ben Gurion Airport’s virus testing was cancelled, it was ridiculous. It was a mistake to turn off a system we worked on for a year. They have already arrived in South Africa, and they will soon arrive in the United States and Europe as well as Israel. There will be no more testing. Pandemic management is not included here.”

Concerns like this plagued Dr. Yasmin Ma’or, another member of the ECT in the ministry of health.

“Returning tourists should be subjected to more testing. Preventing changes from entering the country cannot be done, but it can provide a heads up. The requirement for an indoor mask was withdrawn too hastily. Masks are more cost-effective than the spread of an illness “

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