Cypriot health officials said no Monkeypox cases have been found on the island. Multiple partners have a higher infection risk, although the overall population has a low infection risk.

Sexual health clinics and other health facilities have been the primary source of diagnosis in the majority of instances so far.

One thousand two hundred seventeen cases have been confirmed by the WHO, with eighty-seven percent occurring in Europe. 141 cases have been reported in the Americas, 14 in the Eastern Mediterranean, and six in the Western Pacific, according to the ministry of health. People travelling to these destinations are at a higher risk of contracting the disease.

With 336 cases, the United Kingdom leads the pack, followed by Spain, Portugal, and Germany (113). The United Arab Emirates, Canada, and the United States each reported 101 cases. According to the relevant ministry, the WHO anticipates an increase in cases as surveillance is broadened.

Monkeypox is a serious problem in the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA).

Children, pregnant women, and anyone with impaired immune systems are all at risk from the Monkeypox virus. The likelihood of considerable morbidity is still in question.

The ministry recommends the following self-defence techniques:

  • reduce the number of people you have sexual contact with and stay away from those who have rashes
  • avoid anyone showing signs of illness
  • handwashing frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based gel
  • prevention of respiratory illnesses by the use of masks and distance

A trip to the emergency room is recommended in the following cases, according to the health ministry:

  • face, hands, and feet covered with blisters; eyes, mouth, and/or genital area affected
  • aching muscles and swollen lymph nodes
  • A positive result has been obtained for orthopoxvirus.
  • Monkeypox case verified or suspected for the first 21 days after visiting an endemic nation,
  • intercourse with a person who has had multiple or unknown partners in the past After 21 days of symptoms,

Patients with Monkeypox are to be sent to Nicosia General Hospital for adults and Makarios Children’s Hospital for children.

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