Virgilio Gutiérrez, the provincial director of Health, warned that both the private and public centres have significantly reduced the availability of beds for Covid-infected patients so that a false insight of the percentages can be highlighted.

The official indicated that the level of hospitalizations has significantly reduced despite Covid cases being increased. Because of this, only 105 beds are available in all the private clinics in Santiago.

Gutiérrez claimed that hospital admissions are minimal due to the reduced bed numbers even though the level of hospitalization in private centres is nearly 50%. He proclaimed that there is a clinic that has 16 beds allotted to Covid cases, out of which 15 patients are already admitted. This is solely because of the scarcity of the availability of beds.

He claims that the high levels of vaccination have ensured that Covid affects the people less intensely, because of which among all the admitted patients, nobody is critical. He also admitted that close to 70% of people have already been given two vaccination doses and that the vaccination and testing centres are still operating.

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