Visitors to Hong Kong will still be required to do a nucleic acid test 48 hours before their trip, but they will no longer be required to show proof of the lab’s accreditation.

Hong Kong will cease various Covid testing processes for arriving travellers as part of the city’s progressive attempts to reduce travel restrictions.

According to a statement made by the Hong Kong government on Sunday, travellers will still need a nucleic acid test that to 48 hours before their flight’s scheduled departure, but they will no longer be needed to present formal documentation of the lab’s accreditation. Passengers on public transportation will no longer require pre-flight nucleic acid testing using a polymerase chain reaction.

The changes take effect on June 1 and are the latest from a government that claims to be committed to a strict Covid Zero policy, despite the fact that the number of cases is down and much of the world outside of China is becoming more open. Non-residents have been permitted to enter Hong Kong without restriction since the beginning of May, albeit they must still quarantine for at least seven days.

Hong Kong health officials reported 237 new Covid cases on Sunday, with 37 of them being imported. Officials stated that no additional deaths had been reported.

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