The lobby group for all Hong Kong-flying airlines is pushing for a three-day hotel quarantine and the elimination of pre-flight Covid-19 tests. A ban on passengers flying from countries where they have been exposed to Covid being allowed into Hong Kong has also been called for by authorities.

To significantly loosen its problematic pandemic border regime, Hong Kong has launched a new campaign A warning and a punishment of HK$20,000 ($2,548) will instead be issued if passengers will not able to meet travel conditions for the first time. Hong Kong is likewise reducing the number of violations that can result in airline penalties.

The airline sector expects the government to ease travel restrictions on Covid in small steps. When the Board of Airlines Representatives suggests that quarantine for passengers be reduced from the current seven days to three days, it will bring the rules in line with those that apply to flight crews on passenger flights.

The secretariat of the Board of Airlines Representatives did not respond to a request for comment. No comment could be made, according to a spokesperson for the Hong Kong govt’s transportation bureau.

Many foreign companies and business groups argue that Hong Kong’s ongoing quarantine policy is stifling the Asian financial hub, which has recently eased some restrictions on travel to the city as part of China’s Covid Zero strategy. However, Hong Kong has eased some of its travel restrictions in recent months.

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