Dr. Carlos Umaa reminded out that since the commencement of the epidemic in Honduras, the nation has had the smallest amount of Covid-19 cases, hence not wearing a mask outside is already advised.

According to reports, certain hospitals, as well as triage centers, do not register any instances of coronavirus.

The rooms for COVID patients at the Honduran Institute of Social Security (IHSS) have been shuttered, and only a few rooms for seclusion are available.

In this regard, Umaa said that if you want to engage in outdoor activities and there isn’t a massive gathering, you can forego wearing a mask.

He added, “We have to be in harmony with the other countries that have eliminated this step.”

However, he stated that people must remain in closed areas such as movies and shopping malls while wearing a mask.

Finally, he emphasized that the usage of the mask cannot be completely abolished as long as 70 to 80 percent of people are not immunized against Covid-19.

The Ministry of Health (Sesal) revealed that coronavirus-related hospitalizations and deaths have continued to drop in the country as a result of the first, second, and third doses, as well as the first and second reinforcements of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Honduras has already gotten more than 14.7 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, which will be used to continue immunizing the population against the illness.

Similarly, more than 13.5 million anti-virus doses have been administered in the country, with 6,038,394 doses corresponding to the first reinforcement, 5,075,245 doses to the second reassurance, 2,443,125 doses to the third reassurance, and 23,982 doses to the second reinforcement.

Meanwhile, Obed López, a Libertad y Refundación (Libre) deputy, has stated that he intends to introduce an exhortatory resolution to abolish the wearing of the mask.

It is “hypocrisy,” according to López, to continue to wear the mask in a country where public exhibitions and commerce are completely unrestricted and learning centers are halfway owing to constraints.

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