Which is 3 percent more than the peak — the highest cumulative total since February 15.

Since the outbreak began, the country has seen 425,371 illnesses and 10,899 coronavirus-related deaths.


So far, Honduras has given out at least 13,927,995 doses of COVID vaccination. Assuming that each person requires two doses, that would be enough to protect 71.5 percent of the nation’s people.

Honduras provided an average of 20,643 dosages per day over the past week reviewed. At that rate, administering enough dosages for yet another 10% of the people will take additional 95 days.


As COVID-19 cases spread over the world, many governments reacted by closing schools, businesses, and international crossings in try to stop the virus from spreading further.

This graph depicts how various lockdown tactics were utilised throughout the outbreak.

How Honduras stacks up

There is no precise statistics to evaluate the breakouts that have occurred in different nations throughout this epidemic. Examining a range of measures provides a more comprehensive picture of the virus’s impact on each nation.

These graphs illustrate a variety of statistics, each with its own set of strengths and limitations, that demonstrate how each nation’s epidemic relates to others in its region and globally.

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