As part of its dedication to ensuring that patients have prompt access to care, the Ophthalmology Department at the Ambulatory Care Center, a division of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), has launched more than 20 additional weekly clinics.

“We have boosted the number of patients visiting our clinics by more than 20% each week by opening 21 additional clinics each week. Before the opening of the new clinics, we saw an average of 1,130 patients per week; today, that number is over 1,370,” according to Dr. Omar Al Qahtani, the Head of Ophthalmology.

He stated that, to increase the number of outpatient slots available to patients, the clinic time was also altered by beginning 30 minutes earlier than before. He additionally adds that, evening ophthalmology diagnostic clinics will be expanded to assist in cutting down on patient wait times and keep the clinic running smoothly.

To satisfy future demand and guarantee that every patient is seen on time, Dr. Al Qahtani said, “We want to grow our capacity with the lowered outpatient department waiting time for new patients.”

In state-of-the-art diagnostic clinics & operating rooms, the Ophthalmology Department at ACC provides the best tertiary ophthalmology care available in the nation. 

Highlights of the departmental service offerings include the ophthalmology subspecialties, which compete with world-class ocular facilities that are unavailable in other hospitals around the nation.

“No other facilities in the nation offer the most advanced technologies for diagnostic ophthalmology and tertiary ophthalmic care that we do. In addition, there are several emergency traumatic cases, complicated anterior and posterior segment procedures, complicated vitreoretinal surgeries, complicated corneal transplants, and more,” says Dr. Al Qahtani.

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