As of today, Lebanon has reported 71 new infections, this is an average of the last few days. These figures show that the infected rate is at 1% of what it was at the peak of the pandemic. 

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began there were 1,098,575 infections as well as 10, 417 Covid related deaths in Lebanon. The rates of deaths as well as the rate of infection has come down significantly over the last few weeks, and the country is showing signs of returning back to normal. 

As far as vaccination is concerned, Lebanon has given 5,613,936 vaccinations of Covid vaccinations to this day. If it is to be assumed that each person needs two doses of the vaccine, this equates to 40.9 per cent of the total population that has been vaccinated. This figure speaks a lot. It shows that Lebanon still has ground to cover to declare itself reasonably free from future infections as well as resuming normal operations in the country. 

In the last week, Lebanon was averaging at 824 doses of Covid vaccinations per day. At the rate at which it is progressing, Lebanon will take another 1665 days to give vaccines to the next 10% of its population. 

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