The Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran said that up to 240 persons have been infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) in the last 24 hours in Iran. The coronavirus has also claimed the lives of two persons in the last 24 hours.

At the very same time, 539 individuals are still in critical condition.

Upwards of 52.2 million coronavirus tests have been performed in Iran so far.

Vaccines have been administered in Iran to the tune of 150 million doses thus far. All three stages have utilized a cumulative of 64.5 million doses: the first stage, the second phase, and the third stage.

The coronavirus scenario in the country is still being monitored by Iran. More than 7.23 million individuals have been sick, and 141,310 people are dead, according to Iranian officials’ recent figures.

Around 7.04 million individuals have allegedly recovered from the sickness so far, according to current estimates. In order to prevent the virus from spreading any further, the government in the nation has taken tight steps.

A businessman from the country is said to have imported the disease to the country by going to China on a business trip despite government warnings. The sickness ultimately claimed the man’s life. On February 19, the Islamic Republic declared the first cases of coronavirus infection and death in the country.

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