Spice Up Your Alkaline Diet: A Complete List Of Alkaline Spices

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Spice Up Your Alkaline Diet A Complete List Of Alkaline Spices

Spice Up Your Alkaline Diet A Complete List Of Alkaline Spices


Adding alkaline spices to food is a phenomenal way to pack in flavor without adding extra calories or sodium. However, these wonderful ingredients can do more than just enhance our taste buds—they can also help maintain our body's alkaline balance. Here's an appealing list of alkaline spices you can incorporate into your diet.


1. Cayenne Pepper

Besides its alkalizing effect, it also boosts metabolism and aids digestion.

2. Tumeric


An excellent alkalizing spice that also offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

3. Cumin

This earthy spice helps maintain the alkalinity of the body and also aids in digestion.


4. Cinnamon

This aromatic spice not only helps balance the body's pH but also regulates blood sugar levels.

5. Coriander


These tiny seeds are not just alkaline in nature, but they also support digestion and reduce inflammation.

6. Fennel

Both the bulb and seeds of fennel can add alkalizing benefits to any dish, besides aiding digestion.


7. Basil

High in antioxidants, this alkaline herb also provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

8. Ginger


Besides its alkalizing properties, ginger can soothe digestive issues and reduce inflammation.

9. Cardamom

Along with alkalizing effects, cardamom may aid in detoxification processes.


10. Mint

This cooling herb balances the body's pH level and aids in digestion.

Remember, consuming a diet rich in both alkaline and acidic foods is most beneficial for health. Including a variety of spices can not only make your dishes more delicious but might also help to balance your body's pH, contribute to overall health, and even boost the natural healing process. So go ahead, spice it up with the alkaline way!

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