Plan for better healthcare in smaller EU countries

Learn about the new strategy for better healthcare in smaller European Union (EU) countries by 2025. Find out how these nations are prioritizing health and well-being, improving access to treatments and mental health services, and preparing for future health emergencies. Discover how the Roadmap towards better health in small countries is helping to strengthen strained health systems and advocate for their needs regionally and globally. Collaborative efforts in primary healthcare, pharmaceutical access, and digital healthcare are key to achieving these goals.

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Europe has created a new strategy to enhance small nations' health by 2025.


Two years of pandemic have tested our governments and healthcare systems. Less-populous countries have different issues than larger ones. Many tiny countries lack medical personnel, have uneven access to treatments and immunizations, and have an increase in noncommunicable diseases and mental health difficulties. The suspension of tourism and movement restrictions hampered social and economic growth and drained resources.

"The Roadmap towards better health in small countries in the WHO European Region 2022–2025" was designed with input from small nations to strengthen their strained health systems, prepare for and respond to future health emergencies, and improve overall health and well-being in the WHO European Region."

It helps them prioritize health and well-being, advocates for their needs regionally and globally, promotes health investment, and monitors progress to inform future decisions. Reforming primary health care, improving access to pharmaceuticals, mental health treatments, and emerging digital healthcare require collaborative efforts.


This Roadmap targets overcrowded health systems and understaffed providers." WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge said it can help implement the European Work Program 2020–2025. "Our Small Countries Initiative is great for supporting members," he explains.

SCI details

In the WHO European Region, the Initiative is a network of 11 small nations that provides a space for innovation and collaboration. The Initiative has recently focused on establishing immediate and short-term priorities for a fair recovery, leaving no one behind, acting on common interests regarding national health plans, and promoting good practice. COVID-19's impact on minor countries prompted this focus.

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