Ireland's Health officials predict restriction reintroduction as Covid infections grow

Ireland's Health officials warn of potential mask mandate reintroduction as Covid infections rise. Experts and the INMO have already suggested it. With infection numbers difficult to predict, a Professor of Immunology estimates around 100,000 daily infections due to more contagious variants. Wearing masks in specific situations is seen as an effective measure to stop the spread. The healthcare system is under growing pressure, and hospitals may struggle to keep up with demand. Improving ventilation and installing air filters in public spaces are also recommended to curb the epidemic.

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Ireland's government may choose to reintroduce masking mandates in some locations like commercial transport as Covid-19 infections rise again. 


At this point, there is no official statement, however, several experts and the INMO have already suggested it.

Speaking to RTE last week, a Professor of Immunology at DCU mentioned Ireland was transitioning into the summer spike and the infection numbers are currently hard to predict.

Professor Christine Loscher in a discussion with Brendan O’Connor estimated about one hundred thousand infections per day and blamed it on the more contagious BA.5 and BA.4 mutants. “Take a look at the situation in Portugal,” she said.


“Initially, there was a surge in cases but it seems to be plunging at the moment. This happened between a short 3 or 4-week interval due to BA.5 dissemination.  Due to the current restriction of PCR tests, it's hard to tell the number of infections there are now.”

According to the shocking statistics at this time, we already have the mechanisms to stop infection, one of which is wearing a mask in specific situations.

“It isn't total deterrence,” according to her, “however, it's an efficient mechanism. In my recent journey, there were only four people wearing masks including myself.” In addition, the INMO is calling for a return of mandatory face covering on public transportation.


“The justifications explaining how masks impede infection are numerous, and we desire them at the moment because our infirmaries are beyond capacity to a degree that we don't see on a regular winter — and we are just in June,” Phil Ní Sheaghdha, Secretary-General explained to Virgin Media News.

The announcement is coming on the heels of the head medical officer's caution that clinics are facing 'growing pressures' from coronavirus. 

In a letter to Health Minister Stephen Donnelly, he warned: "We will undoubtedly face more strain on the healthcare system in the coming weeks if this year's increasing trend in hospitalized individuals continues."


"Hospitals will be unable to keep up with demand for routine and emergency care." "Wear masks in crowded indoor settings, such as social gatherings or other events and activities, if you are immunocompromised,” Dr. Holohan added.

Furthermore, Anthony Staines, a DCU public health systems professor, explained to Newstalk there are 3 things that need to be done immediately to stem the epidemic.

“First of them is to improve ventilation in closed spaces,” he said. “Secondly, install air filters in public transportation and closed locations.

“Take Taiwan for example, HEPA filters are installed in public buses and we have the capacity to replicate the same here."

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