For the past seven days, the median amount of new illnesses recorded in Colombia has been steadily growing

Discover the latest COVID-19 update in Colombia: The number of new illnesses continues to rise, with an average of 807 cases reported daily. Find out how the country is managing the situation and the impact of lockdown measures on schools, businesses, and foreign crossings.

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In Colombia, 19 illnesses are on the rise, with an average of 807 new cases reported each day. That's only 3% of the peak, which occurred on June 28, when the greatest daily mean was recorded.

Since the outbreak began, the country has seen 6,109,105 illnesses and 139,867 coronavirus-related deaths.

Colombia provided an average of 85,078 pills per day over the past week recorded. In this scenario, providing adequate shots for yet another 10% of the people will take additional 119 days.


As COVID-19 cases spread over the globe, several governments reacted by closing schools, businesses, and foreign crossings in trying to stop the virus from spreading further.

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