Ivory Coast Ministry of Health urges population above 12 years to get free vaccinations for COVID-19

Get free COVID-19 vaccinations in Ivory Coast for individuals aged 12 and above. The Ministry of Health urges citizens to take advantage of this opportunity. No cost involved. Stay protected!

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The Ivory Coast’s Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene and Universal Health Coverage on Saturday, 11th June, 2022, invited the section of the population who are 12 years and older, to keep on getting vaccinated against COVID-19. In vaccination centers, where the coronavirus vaccines are administered, there is no charge for getting the COVID-19 vaccine shot and it is completely voluntary. 

The Ministry of Health also released a statement detailing the total number of COVID-19 doses that had been administered to the public since the beginning of March. June 10th accounted for a large number of doses. 

Of the samples taken from the general population, a miniscule number of them tested positive for COVID-19, and quite a few numbers of people were cured of the virus without any deaths being reported. 

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