On Friday, the Health ministry released its weekly update on COVID occurrences in the country, citing 601 infections and two fatalities in the previous week.

As per the newspaper, 601 cases reported of the sickness were found out of a maximum of 12,426 samples prepared over the last week from May 22 to 28, as per the healthcare portfolio’s weekly update on the COVID in Paraguay.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Paraguay, there have been 651,268 instances of the illness.

On the other side, two deaths were reported during that time period, bringing the overall number of deaths attributable to the disease to 18,911 deaths, according to Public Health.

Similarly, 30 people have been admitted to hospitals with symptoms of the sickness, and four of them are in the ICU.

All patients who are awaiting vaccination against COVID-19 will receive the first booster dose (fourth dose) of vaccinations starting next Monday, June 06, as provided as they have satisfied the 4 minimal gap.

In this sense, the wellness portfolio reminds people that vaccination is a critical tool in combating this disease and that they should take advantage of the abundant doses and finish their vaccination schedule, which in Paraguay is currently 3 doses for children ages 12 and sublingual tablets for children aged 5 to 11.

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