Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Health prepare for its first monkeypox case.

Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO’s general director, said the virus’s behavior is alarming. An emergency meeting will decide if monkeypox is a PHEIC (PHEIC). WHO PHEIC declares international response. Ebola, zika, swine flu, covid19, and polio became pandemics between 2009 and 2020.

Since Venezuela detected the disease last Sunday, TT treats it as PHEIC. Parasram said the ministry is training doctors to treat monkeypox.

We pre-empted that decision and considered it a concern, especially now that a case in Venezuela has been confirmed.

35 countries have monkeypox. A Spanish traveler got monkeypox in Maiquetia on June 5.

We’re treating it as an international public health emergency before WHO does because it’s better to be prepared than to wait and then prepare. Early preparations. He said the ministry wants a fast response.

“We’re training our staff to spot unusual diseases and isolate patients so we have a well-informed clinical cohort in court.

CDC samples can be sent using CARPHA’s existing method. CARPHA improves TT’s in-country testing.

When that happens, I’ll notify clinicians about new testing measures. PAHO provides vaccines. Antivirals can help, said Parasram. Working with the manufacturer to get an antiviral drug.

Joy St John, executive director of CARPHA, urged vigilance. Monkeypox is smallpox, according to CARPHA. The monkeypox vaccine prevents smallpox.

Dr. Karla Georges, director of the UWI School of Veterinary Medicine, urged medical professionals to be vigilant. Early case detection will help limit community spread, she said.

Body-wide sore-like rash is the main symptom. Symptoms include headache, fever, swollen lymph nodes, body/muscle pain, fatigue, and back pain.

The WHO said sex, especially between men, spread the disease. PCR detects illness.

Nonendemic countries have outbreaks. Since 2022, there have been 1,600 cases and 72 deaths.

Human-to-human transmission can occur with close physical contact.

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