Michalis Hadjipantela, Cyprus’ health minister, visited Larnaca General Hospital on Monday. He expressed a number of concerns, in spite of slightly improved services, thanks to the addition of two new specialists.

Hadjipantela remarked after his visit, “Two months have gone since I was told of the hospital’s problems, but some issues still persist.”

It was announced by the minister in April this year, that the government will examine Larnaca Hospital after meeting with Okypy’s board of directors. He said the ICU, dialysis, and A&E departments need renovation, better scheduling, and more staff.

Priority will be given to surgeries that are already scheduled in order to keep patients from facing any inconvenience. There will be more surgeries per day, the surgeon said on Monday.

There will soon be an A&E doctor from Nicosia in the department, Hadjipantela promised. “Although there is room for improvement, the ICU condition is good.

The ICU department has performed flawlessly since the arrival of an ICU specialist from Nicosia last month.

He added, “We’re still working to make dialysis better.” The department’s work will be reviewed by the minister next month.

It was also suggested that the hospital’s staff include vascular surgeons and pulmonologists in order to improve treatment processes.

The director of the Larnaca Hospital, Adamos Hadjipanayi, has stated that improving health care for the city’s residents is a government priority. “It’s important to know that the health minister is involved in addressing hospital issues.

Hadjipanayi asserted that the minister’s efforts had been successful so far. The hospital was probed by authorities in March following the death of a 43-year-old mother of six who had been delayed in A&E.

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