Russia’s healthcare system is in disarray. The treatment of COVID-19 victims, as well as funding restrictions imposed as part of Vladimir Putin’s “health optimization” program, has already put a strain on Russia’s healthcare system, resulting in thousands of Russian personnel being injured in Ukraine. Moscow Insider has reported the current state of affairs.

Doctors and other medical staff have been deployed to the front lines to save lives in Moscow and other major cities. Even though the majority of Orthodox Church volunteers lack medical experience, officials requested their assistance, although the majority were untrained in the field. 

Officials are concerned about the number of military injuries treated in Russian hospitals, which they believe will “only rise.” Ukrainian military personnel injured in action may face long-term consequences, if not death if they enter the Russian medical system.

In Russia, scarcity of medical care persists

Despite Russia’s insufficient healthcare system, Putin’s Ukrainian war victims must be cared for. Russia’s healthcare system is in danger of collapsing due to the Kremlin’s determination to make budget cuts. 

Devoted to military and security services and obtaining government support, a government that claims it would never abandon a single Russian soldier is abandoning a significant number of injured soldiers rather than building a healthcare system to treat the wounded in its war. 

The Russian people are suffering as a result. According to an insider at a hospital in the Moscow area, the victims suffered shrapnel wounds, amputations of limbs and legs, and other combat-related traumas. Even though more people continued to arrive, the number of patients on the front lines dropped with time.

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