According to the circular sent out to health specialists in Cyprus, monkeypox is transmitted through close contact.

Additionally, it explains that one can contract monkeypox if they come into close proximity to a person who is displaying symptoms. According to Philenews, this includes both touching and being face to face.

In close skin-to-skin contact during intercourse with someone who is showing symptoms of monkeypox, the disease can be transmitted.Anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, can contract or transmit monkeypox.Nicosia General Hospital treats adults with monkeypox, whereas Makarion Hospital treats children.According to worldwide data, children appear to be at a greater risk of developing Monkeypox.

Protecting yourself and others is outlined in the circular.

Talking to a healthcare professional if you’re experiencing any of the following:Do not come into contact with anyone who is exhibiting any of these symptoms, whether it is skin-to-skin or face-to-face.

Maintaining cleanliness is an important part of preventing the spread of disease.Do not come into touch with someone who has symptoms unless you use a face mask.

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