Harley Street Healthcare Group, based in the United Kingdom, is contemplating a 20 million euro ($21.1 million) investment to grow its operations in Montenegro, where it plans to hire 2,000 people, Montenegrin media reported on Monday.

“Over time, we plan to invest 15 million to 20 million euros in Montenegro,” said group CEO Sanjeev Kumar, according to the Pobjeda daily.

Kumar stated that the company is in talks to acquire a Montenegrin sector player with a national presence.

“Because taking over existing private clinics is easier than creating new ones due to government regulations, we will buy them and operate them under our brand. We will retain the staff from those clinics while reorganizing and recruiting new employees,” He said.

Kumar added that Harley Street Healthcare Group hopes to lure patients from all over Europe to its Montenegrin clinics.

The UK-based company has a pooled holding of five fully owned healthcare businesses, three majority-owned subsidiaries, and various 50/50 joint ventures in Southeast Asia and the Balkans.

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