Even though masks are only required inside, a recent poll conducted by YouGov indicated that a significant number of adults in Singapore continue to wear them outside.

YouGov is a multinational research data and analytics company with headquarters in London.

The survey asked 1,009 people, and 943 of them said that they still wear masks when they go outside.

Only seven percent of those polled in Singapore indicated they never wore masks when going outside.

The responses were also organized according to the ages of the people who provided them.

Baby boomers are the generation most likely to say they always wear a mask when they walk outside, but that percentage only accounts for 49 percent of the population (58 percent ).

The proportion of Millennials who said they never wear masks outside was the highest.

A mask was worn when going outside for the most prevalent reason, which was to protect oneself from illness and germs. This was true across all age groups.

The convenience provides while moving between indoor and outdoor settings was the second most common reason mentioned, and preventing illness and the spread of germs to other people was the third most common reason cited.

When compared to the general population, members of Gen Zs are twice as likely to indicate that they use masks to hide their identities in order to avoid being judged by others who also wear masks in public.

A majority of respondents (59 percent) stated that the only time they would wear masks outside as if they thought it was really necessary.

Only 28 percent of people polled said they would do so if it were no longer mandatory to wear masks while they were inside.

15 percent of people who participated in the survey said that they would never quit wearing masks when they were outside.

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