Haitian authorities have declared June to be Environment Month in an attempt to address the difficult problem of the deteriorating environment.

Many events have been organised for the month by authorities from the Environment Ministry under the subject “An initiative  offering to nurture the land.” “Honor and reverence for Mother Earth.”
“With global partners, the commercial sector, civil society, universities, agricultural associations, and the media, Environment Month wants to build an inclusive platform,” said James Cadet, the environment minister.

 “Jointly, the correct action must be taken, act promptly to conserve this global heritage, our planet, Mother Earth, which we all share.”

The ministry plans to establish a contingency plan for managing solid waste this month, as well as a reforestation programme with the goal of planting 10 million trees around the nation. A magazine will be published to bring people up to date on the ministry’s activities. Funding for an inter-school national environmental program, as well as the construction of two eco-friendly libraries in Cap Haitien and Port-au-Prince, are among the other goals.

Cadet also intends to hold an exhibition on the country’s environmental framework and natural treasures throughout the month.

Ministry officials also opened a laboratory for refrigeration during the event, with the goal of raising awareness and educating refrigeration technicians as well as hosting students belonging to other technical institutions that do not yet have a laboratory.

“A major significance of this lab is that it is currently MDE’s important instrument to allow it to continue the fight for environmental conservation,” Esther Jojitte, UNDP National Consultant for Refrigerator Training, said during a press interview.

The  World Environment Day programmes have been organised at Cap-Haitien. A presentation on how waste affects the environment, a workshop for garbage and recycling with 300 children, and a program for beach cleaning were all arranged by the nonprofit “Poubel Ayiti” – a Creole play on words that means both trash receptacle and “for a beautiful Haiti.”

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