Dr Farah Fourcand, a renowned neurosurgeon spearheading the battle against containing the  COVID-19 epidemic, is representing Haiti in the Miss Global competition held annually. 

Fourcand is one of 73 women competing for the Miss Global title. She defines herself as a Neurointerventional Surgeon who is trained at the Nation Institute of Health, entrepreneur, model, author and activist. This year’s pageant will take place in Indonesia.

Fourcand was seen flaunting her national costume for Miss Global Haiti 2022. It was a gown with an emerald green colour scheme representing a tree, according to the Miss Haiti Update Instagram account. According to L’Union Suite, she picked the national costume to “inform people about Haitian culture and voodoo.”

11 additional women, including Fourcand, represent mostly Black nations. People may vote for ladies participating in the pageant online. Votes will be collected by Friday.

Miss Global Pagent was founded in Vietnam and primarily concentrated on local contenders before spreading to other nations across the globe and inviting women aged 18 to 35 to participate.

“Although Miss Global’s reign is just a year-long, this extraordinary Queen will go all around the globe to engage in humanitarian endeavours while flaunting her, intellect, and beauty of women everywhere,” according to the Miss Global Organization website. This is a rare chance to make uncountable connections, form lasting friendships, and get unending support from a wide range of groups, advancing her standing beyond all expectations.”

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is the director of clinical research in the US.  It’s a job she’s had since April 2020, when Fourcand launched her latest book release named the  “Pandemic Manifesto: COVID-19 Basic Training from the Frontlines.”

The primary goal of the “Pandemic Manifesto,” according to Fourcand, is to assist people to distinguish between reality and fiction amid pervasive health and medical misinformation.

Fourcand graduated from Florida International University’s medical school in 2015 after receiving her undergraduate honours from the University of Miami,

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