Guernsey is going to look at making a new health agreement with the United Kingdom.

By September 2022, it’s possible that the States of Guernsey and the government of the United Kingdom may have reached a new health care agreement based on reciprocity.

In July of 2022, the Policy and Resource Council is scheduled to provide a policy letter that will concentrate on the matter at hand.

Heidi Soulsby, who is the Vice President Deputy, said that the annual operating costs might be £300,000.

Should the proposal be accepted, islanders might be eligible for free medical care under the National Health Service (NHS) when traveling in the United Kingdom; similarly, citizens of the United Kingdom who travel to Guernsey would get the same treatment.

Jonathan le Tocq, the Deputy Lead for External Relations, said that the deal was “one of the perks of Brexit,” and that there was a “limited window” for the island to come to an agreement on a new system with the UK.

Deputy Soulsby said that “We’ve been in conversations with the UK for some time now… but now we’re coming to the stage where we feel we can bring a policy letter to the States in July, which ideally could think something in play by the end of September.”

That’s a great deal of work that has already been going on in the background, and it hopefully means that we can have an accord in place for the rest of the year.

In April of 2009, the prior reciprocal arrangement involving Guernsey and the United Kingdom came to an end.

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