According to the Guayaquil Emergency Operations Committee (COE), there has been a “slight but steady increase” in confirmed cases of covid-19, “demonstrating a growing tendency” for three weeks.

“However, there have been no reports of significant hospital admissions or deaths related to Sars-Cov 2 in the recent two weeks,” he said.

Representatives from Guayaquil’s clinical laboratories noted that the new cases of covid are primarily among students from schools, colleges, and young people, “whose common factor, in the overwhelming majority of cases, is having traveled out of the nation.”

According to a study released by the Ministry of Health Research on Friday, Guayaquil has amassed 101,332 instances of covid-19 confirmed by PCR, with a total of 136,140 cases throughout the province of Guayas.

Due to a decrease of covid-19 cases, the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) ordered the removal of masks from open and closed venues on April 28.

Ximena Garzón, the Minister of Health, said last Wednesday that “the indicators are stable” in terms of particular situations per week in the nation, and remembered that in the 2nd epidemiological week of this year, 63,000 cases were handled, in what he called a “pandemic peak,” but that day they only registered 640.

“World’s attention has not grown; in fact, they have remained virtually unchanged; the increase in these few occurrences is not statically important.” It’s to be expected, but he added that “we’re not talking about an epidemic outbreak” in Ecuador.

According to official figures, almost 877,000 instances of covid-19 have been documented in Ecuador since the pandemic began, with 35,624 confirmed and probable fatalities due to the disease. 

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