Greenland’s parliament, Inatsisartut, has resolved to request an investigation of Denmark’s contraceptive spiral campaign targeting Greenlandic girls and women.

The Inatsisartut addressed a proposal from the Naleraq party to urge that the self-rule government Naalakkersuisut approach the Danish government to look into contraceptive measures used in Greenland in the 1960s and 1970s.

The story behind the so-called “spiral campaign” has been uncovered by DR in a podcast series. Contraceptive spirals have been implanted in up to 4,000 women and girls as young as 13 years old, often without their knowledge or consent. Politicians and organizations have reacted in a variety of ways to this.

The proposal will now be reviewed by the relevant committees before being sent to the Inatsisartut for a second round of review on June 2nd.

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