A second monkeypox patient was identified in Greece. Non-veriola orthopox viruses, including monkeypox, were found in the man’s system.

Several samples have been sent to the University of Thessaloniki Medical School’s Special Microbiology Laboratory in order to confirm his monkeypox infection.

The patient is 47 years old and recently traveled to Spain. After experiencing a rash and other symptoms, the person went to the doctor. For the time being, he is “stable” in “isolation.”

A 59-year-old patient who recently returned from Portugal also tested positive for monkeypox, according to EODY’s findings.

Monkeypox is not contagious, according to medical experts. There has been no “domestic infection” in either case, EODY stated. Every Thursday, EODY will have a new report on monkeypox.

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