During peak tourist season in Greece, masks are no longer necessary.

Except for hospitals, nursing homes, and public transportation, no mask is required for entry into indoor facilities until September 15.

Masks will not be required on intercity buses or airlines.

Masks will not be required in schools or universities.

As a result, the use of face masks is needed until a decision is made on the ships.

When COVID-19 cases spiked in November, Greece expanded its mask requirement to all indoor and outdoor spaces. The country first required masks in grocery stores, supermarkets, public transit, and healthcare facilities by May 2020.

Since January, Greece’s daily virus count has decreased significantly, peaking at roughly 50,000.

2,400 new cases, 296 reinfections, and 21 deaths were reported Monday.

More than 3,444,000 illnesses and 29,828 deaths have been reported across the country since the outbreak began.


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